When is the Indie Pods United Summit? 

We will be running for 5 days, November 29th-December 3rd! All times Central Time Zone. Please view the schedule on our website: www.indiepodsunited.com

What timezone is used for the event?

We use central time (CST) for all promotional materials you may see on social media as well as our website.

What do the ticket signs next to some of the events mean?

Those are events only open to paid ticket holders.

Is it too late to get a ticket?

You can still purchase tickets as the event is live, ending the morning of December 3rd, 2020.

What comes with my ticket?

Please visit our EventBrite page for exact details:

Indie Pods United Virtual Summit Tickets, Multiple Dates

Can I view the live streams after the event?

All free to public events can be viewed following the event on Twitch, YouTube, and in the archive that will be on our website. Depending on ticket tier, you may access any VIP events, up to 6 months.

I don’t have a ticket. Can I watch the entertainment and workshops for ticket holders after the event?

If you purchased a ticket, you will be able to watch the past live streamed entertainment and workshops.

What is the format of Indie Pods United? 

All live streaming podcasts and special guests or speakers in the free portion are in “podchunks” and run for 30 minutes, most are back to back. There are multiple breakout sessions throughout each day where the VIP portion of the event (closed) takes place.

I don’t have a podcast/am a beginner podcaster, is this worth attending?

We appreciate you’ve made it this far through our FAQ! Yes, absolutely. The community within Indie Pods United is strong, and we would love for you to join us. The workshops are invaluable learning tools, and the entertainment line-up is more than an extra incentive! We pride ourselves in supporting anyone within the indie community. Podcasters and entertainers alike.

I’m experienced, how will the workshops benefit me?

We believe we are always learning here at Indie Pods United. The workshops and panels are a great tool to ask questions, offer insight or tips, and a wonderful networking opportunity.

Are you accepting sponsorships?

We are currently no longer accepting sponsorships for this event. Our top-tier sponsors are Pinecast and RocaBella Brands!

I’m participating in the event, do I need to buy a ticket?

It is not a requirement to get a ticket whether it is free, or not. However, it is recommended.

I’d like to participate in the event, am I too late?

Fortunately you will still be able to participate by joining open panels during the event, however, we are no longer accepting shows at this time. You can pre-register for the next event by emailing indiepodsunited@gmail.com with appropriate links and contact info.

Will there be explicit content?

There MAY be some explicit content, however, most of the event is family friendly. We’ll be sure to add a visible banner to any show that may contain that type of material during the event.

Where will the free portion of the event be streaming?

The free portion will be visible on YouTube, Twitch, Indie Pods United Facebook group, and our website.

Where will I be able to watch the closed portion of the event after it has passed?

You will receive an email, as a ticket holder, with where to find the archives within 1-2 weeks after the event.

Are you looking for volunteers?

We are seeking volunteers and interns for future events please email indiepodsunited@gmail.com

I’m participating in the event and have not received any updates, how do I assure I get them?

You should have received a couple emails from indiepodsunited@gmail.com or ipupodcastexpo@gmail.com during the course of this month. If you have not been receiving emails, we ask you to email us immediately so you can get updates.

What are workshops and panels?

Workshops include presentations, q&a, and invaluable knowledge from the experts on board with this event. Panels are open conversations and discussions driven by the audience and the head of the panels discussing anything in relation to podcasting and live streaming.

I’m participating and I don’t understand StreamYard, will someone be moderating?

Yes, there will be moderators during the event that won’t be visible on your stream. They will let you know when you should wrap up your show in the private message area. You can see who is commenting and engage with the audience if you wish.  You can visit www.streamyard.com and try it for free so you can understand the layout. 

Will there be a giveaway?

There will! Winner will be chosen in a random draw after the Indie Pods Award, (ticket holders only; free and VIP ticket holders are eligible). Value of over $250 including a $50 iTunes or Google Play gift card and other surprises!